Asphalt Crack Filling for 3 Generations in the twin cities metro area

We realize over time, weather and traffic jeopardizes the integrity of asphalt and pavement. DMJ Asphalt offers professional asphalt and pavement crack filling services to industrial, commercial, and residential clients throughout Medina, Minnesota and the entire Twin Cities Metro Area. Call 763-478-6878 and set up an appointment with our 3 rd generation asphalt company. Call us when experience and value matter. We offer full inspections and free estimates to our valued community.

Asphalt Patch Repair - Asphalt in Medina, MN
Construction Worker with Cut-off Machine - Asphalt in Medina, MN
Cracks form in asphalt from severe heat and water seeping through cracks. When the temperature decreases, the water freezes, causing the cracks to expand. Sand and dirt are also other components that cause the cracks to expand. It is very important to get cracks properly filled as soon as possible to avoid expensive repairs.

The type of repairs depends greatly on the cracking patterns. Initially, asphalt cracks in a longitudinal direction. As the damage progresses, the cracks take on either a block or square pattern. When left untreated, the crack completely deteriorates, and leads to heaving. At the heaving or “alligator” cracking stage, the asphalt crack is no longer able to be filled, and must be replaced or patched.

Our 3-Step Process:

  • First, any ¼” wide or larger cracks are routed, dried, and cleared using a forced air wand or hot air lance.
  • Next, the sealing material is protected by applying biodegradable paper to the area.
  • Finally, a 3723 series rubberized hot crack seal material is used to properly seal the cracks. To prevent overheating and scorching, a double jacked boiler and melter are used during this process.
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